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district 5

In my first and second terms, I have been a strong advocate for greater community engagement in schools; closing achievement gaps; more equitable and transparent budgeting decisions; fought for fair and balanced educational experiences to improve the urban schools in my district; and I have advocated for policies that attract and retain the most effective teachers for schools that need them most. 

My platform remains consistent with those issues and now the following focus areas as I continue to work towards a more effective and efficient school system for all. These focus areas are: 




I pledge to my continual commitment
to these efforts as I advocate for:

Increased Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all facets of the Hamilton County School system 

Enhanced Whole Child/Whole Family Supports

Equitable Facilities and Capital Improvements

Safer School Environments

Expansion of exposure and access to college and career opportunities

here are some of my accomplishments:

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